No matter which lecture you choose, Anelie will deliver the topic in an amusing, interesting and informative matter. Her expertise and knowledge of quilting techniques, history and vast experience in quilting adds to her presentation content. Here is what Annie's Star Quilt guild has to say about my Dresden Dance Lecture:

Dresden Dance- Stroll along memory lane and experience the history of the Dresden Plate Design. This trunk show is a collection of quilts which represents traditional Dresden’s from years ago and includes Thoroughly Modern Dresden designs by Anelie Belden.

Gadget Gal – The newest products will be demonstrated in a fun but informative manner. Tools that have proven to be “gotta haves” are featured. Gadget Gal is also very creative in turning non-quilting tools into useful quilting tools which may surprise and inspire you.

History of Ironing- In the luxury of today's modern iron technology it is hard to believe how this pressing situation was handled many years ago and how it has evolved. Browse through a collection of antique irons and listen to interesting stories about the development of irons from way before electricity to today's modern iron.

Hawaiian Quilting- Discover the unique story behind the traditional Hawaiian Quilting designs and techniques. Quilting in Hawaii is rich with story, spirit and meaning. Anelie will demonstrate how the technique is done and the audience will follow along. A variety of quilts from traditional to modern designs are shown.

Anelie, I am Kelly K, current Vice President of Annie's Star Quilt Guild in Chico. Your 2014 program was the most well received I have seen in the many years I have been a member and I can assure you that no-one else has received a standing ovation! We would love it if you would return to ASQG in 2016. Thank you for your consideration,

Kelly K, Annie's Star Quilt Guild Chico